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Co-Parenting Tips For Divorced Parents

Co-parenting after a divorce is never easy, but there are ways to help give your children the stability, security, and closer relationships with both parents that they need to thrive. As a divorce lawyer, Michael D. Miller Jr. understands how stressful and challenging navigating divorce can be. But he also knows many parents and children who thrive after going through the process!

In today’s blog post, The Law Offices of Michael D. Miller Jr. is sharing a few tips for co-parenting as divorced parents. Whether your divorce agreement allows for joint decision making, equal parenting time, or some other arrangement, following these tips can help make co-parenting work for you, your ex, and your children.

Co-Parent As A Team

Parenting is a full time job, and full of decisions that you’ll need to make with your ex, especially if you have joint decision making. Cooperating and communicating makes decision-making easier for everyone, and you should try to shoot for consistent, positive communication.

Another part of co-parenting as a team is agreeing to general rules, discipline, and schedule. While you and your ex need to be flexible, having the same general expectations at both houses avoids confusion for your kids. Come to an agreement on important lifestyle rules like homework, curfews, off-limit activities and enforce them consistently in both households. When you can, aim for some consistency in your child’s schedules, especially for your younger children. This can help the transition to co-parenting easier for children.

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