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Common Reasons Couples Get Divorced

How do you know if you’re in a marriage that is heading downhill towards divorce? While every marriage, and every couple, is unique, there are some common reasons why couples tend to get divorced. Divorce usually occurs after years and years of trying to make the marriage work, and it can feel like small problems just add up over the years until one (or both) of the partners believe that they would be happier outside of the marriage.

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Communication Problems

The crux of any relationship, romantic or otherwise, is communication. If you can’t communicate your frustrations or talk about your feelings with your partner, you’ll both be left with growing resentment. You may not be able to match what your partner needs and end up having circular, unproductive arguments. You may also become busy with children and work, and what may have once been the central part of your life has now become less important. You communicate less and take each other for granted. If you and your partner are struggling with communication issues, you may be ready for a divorce.

Falling Out of Love

Many couples cite lack of love or intimacy in the relationship as the reason for getting a divorce. Instead of one big betrayal, like an affair, sometimes couples simply grow apart and lose romantic feelings for one another. This can build to a large feeling of distance between you and your partner. You may say something like “I love you, but I’m not in love with you.” This can manifest as a lack of physical affection and while some people may say they can handle a lack of intimacy, for many it ultimately becomes too much and leads to the partner consulting a divorce lawyer.


No matter how much you love your partner, marriage is also about finances. If you burn through your savings or have different spending habits, this can put a lot of stress on your relationship. Perhaps your partner is unemployed or has amassed a lot of debt, you may begin to lose respect for them or worry so much about money that it affects your marriage.

You Weren’t Ready For Marriage

If you marry too early or haven’t identified what’s important to you before you get married, it can affect who you choose as a partner. While you truly believe that you want to be together for the long term, you can grow apart if you and your partner have different values or don’t trust each other.

Lost Identity

Marriages require compromise, but sometimes a partner has been sacrificing so much of what they want or need that they end up in a role that they don’t identify with anymore. Maybe you’ve given up job opportunities or gotten lost in the role of “dad,” and you resent your partner and want out so that you can pursue these opportunities and regain your sense of self.


You may have promised to be loyal to your partner, but over the years of your marriage, these lines may blur. You or your partner may find that there is something lacking in your relationship and seek to fulfill that need elsewhere. Many marriages end because one or both partners cheat.


Substance abuse is a factor in many divorces. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, or another type of addiction, if a partner isn’t willing to get help, it can lead to the end of the marriage.


Whether emotional or physical, separating from an abusive partner is the best way for a person to regain their safety. Abuse differs from the other causes of divorce listed above because it is not a relationship issue, but a matter of safety and something that is within your partner rather than the person being abused.

They’re Just Done

People in long term marriages don’t just leave, they’ve tried for years to save their marriages, and it just doesn’t work out. Maybe you’ve put in a lot of work, but your partner just hasn’t worked as hard. It can become clear that things aren’t going to change, and that it’s time to speak with a divorce lawyer.

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