How Can We Help With Divorces?

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How Can We Help With Divorces?

Divorce is a very emotional time for everyone involved. After all, you've probably spent years living with someone and now you are separating. In order to obtain the most favorable outcome in your divorce, you'll need a top-rated Chandler divorce attorney. The Law Offices of Michael D Miller Jr has more than 40 years of experience helping with divorces. Learn how we can help, and contact us for a consultation today.


Objective Advice

When you are getting divorced, it seems like everyone has an opinion, from your mother-in-law and best friend to people you just meet. Since divorce is such a trying time, it can be difficult to make decisions. When you partner with The Law Offices of Michael D Miller Jr, you'll receive objective advice from a seasoned divorce attorney who has seen it all.


Determining Spousal Support and a Parenting Plan

The best possible outcome is when both parents can agree on a parenting plan without getting the court involved. This allows for complete control and satisfaction with the agreement. However, if both sides in a divorce can't agree, the court will decide. Spousal maintenance in Arizona has broad guidelines, and the judges take into many factors when making this decision. Let our experienced divorce lawyers ensure you end up with a fair deal. Call today.


Negotiating a Settlement

One of the most difficult parts of a divorce is the division of assets. It's hard when you separate two lives where everything was shared to now dividing up who owns what. One of the main jobs of a divorce lawyer in Chandler is to help you negotiate a settlement that ensures your needs are taken care of. Let The Law Offices of Michael D Miller Jr help. Call today.


Representing You in Court

There's no doubt that going to court can be daunting and downright intimidating. Just from the nerves alone, you probably wouldn't do your best alone. By having a top-rated Chandler divorce lawyer represent you, you can rest assured that you'll receive the most favorable outcome. Get in touch today.


When it comes to divorce, there's a lot at stake, from time with your kids to spousal support. Let our divorce attorneys in Chandler help. Our caring and compassionate team will listen to your desires and are always available to answer your questions. Schedule your consultation today!