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Understanding High-Tech Divorce in Chandler, AZ

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When Michael D. Miller, Jr. Attorney at Law, started his practice in 1981, the city of Chandler was a very different place. In the time since then, the city has ballooned into a thriving metropolis thanks to the development of many High-Tech companies that made the city their home. As the city changed, so did the challenges that its residents face when handling a divorce. Thankfully Mr. Miller has built a wealth of experience handling high-tech industry divorce in Chandler, AZ. He understands the unique difficulties that tech industry employees and their spouses go through when dealing with divorce issues.

Complex Schedules and Compensation Packages

One of the most complicated aspects when dealing with a tech industry divorce is the fact that many employees in this industry have long and often hectic work schedules. This can make determining visitation and parenting schedules difficult. Maximizing the time that parents and their children get to spend together requires the creative skills of an experienced divorce lawyer like Mr. Miller.

Additionally, many tech companies have complex compensation packages that can make the division of assets and support payments complicated to calculate. Typical plans involve incentive bonuses, stock options, and deferred rewards. Without the support of Mr. Miller, you may miscalculate the value of these compensation packages, which could lead to incorrect child support payments and spousal maintenance claims.

Tech Industry Divorce

People in these particular industries and their spouses need family law attorneys experienced in these types of issues so that all assets including those above can be divided fairly and honestly. Parties can only divide assets they know about, and the key to a fair result is having an attorney that can make sure all assets and sources of income are identified and used to determine the most equitable result.

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