Paternity Cases in Chandler, AZ

Disagreements over children can make paternity cases very complicated. Michael D. Miller, Jr. Attorney at Law, handles legal decision-making (formerly referred to as "custody") and parenting time, child support, and all kinds of paternity cases in Chandler, AZ.


Paternity cases involve resolving the issues surrounding children born to unmarried parents. Such cases can be every bit as complicated as divorce cases. They involve determining the party or parties who will make decisions for the children, determining parenting time schedules for the children, and determining child support. Sometimes, unfortunately, there are fitness issues such as substance abuse or mental health challenges that must be identified and argued to the court in order to protect the children. There can also be difficult work schedules that must be addressed in coming up with creative solutions to parenting time.

Sometimes there are difficult child support issues often involving self-employed parents or parents earning less than they are capable of that must be effectively managed in order to ensure the best possible result for a party. This often involves sophisticated financial accounting as well as finding hidden income sources. Only an experienced family law attorney can best ensure that accurate income numbers are used in the calculation of child support. Contact The Law Offices of Michael D Miller Jr. to schedule a consultation.

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